IPTV / Content On-Demand Power by UCView/ Tizen

UCView IPTV for Samsung Tizen

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Take control on your IPTV Network

Only UCView offers IPTV / Content Interactive On-Demand platform with Tizen displays . With on-the-fly content scheduling, support most streaming technologies Encrypted and Un-Encrypted channels power by Samsung Lynk DRM . Best part - it all happens on a Samsung SMART TV without and Cable-box or Satellite receiver

- no additional hardware setup required.

How Does It Work

IPTV Experience

UCView Power by Tizen allows you to turn any Samsung SOC TV to an interactive IPTV and on-Demand content directly from TV without the need of Cable Box. Bring content to each screen with a click of a button. Switch between IPTV content to Recorded video, Images, HTML5 dynamic content with a use of standard remote control TV or any device.

- no additional hardware setup required.